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The Environmental Planning & Coordination Organisation (EPCO)

This process-oriented project is envisaged to strengthen and reposition EPCO in the environment sector, by building its capacity so that it is able to advice the state government on environmental matter and the contemporary advances around the globe.
MP has myriad of resources, rich forests, plenty of river networks, enormous biodiversity, rich sources of minerals.

These resources need to be put to judicious use. This fact coupled with low levels of development, relatively appreciable level of poverty, Ranges of environmental problems like droughts, and floods and low financial investments has hampered the speed of development in the state.

The specificities of Madhya Pradesh dictate that EPCO makes a strategic shift to focus on environment issues that confront the poor in the rural and urban areas. The millennium Development Goals (MDG) of The UNITED Nations, which have become increasingly relevant in the context of the State of Madhya Pradesh and its sustainable development, need not be addressed.

To align EPCO with the other progressive policies of the state and enable it to repond to environmental challenges and empowering it to play a pivotal role in mainstreaming of environmental concerns in various Governments for the sustainable development of state, the organization objective for the next decade has been defined as:“

To emerge as the major instrument for development of sustainable processes in the state of Madhya Pradesh that will help poor people pursue sustainable livelihoods."The EPCO-DFID project has the vision off building capacities of epco , both at the personnel level as well as the institution level so that epco is able to emerge as a lead institution in the environment and developed sector.In the long term the project is seen as avehicle of paradigm shift in the cognitive process of policy makers because of the informed choices that epco will provide.

In all, EPCO is being prepared to be the first institution in the environment sector to integrate the principles of Envirnomental Sustainablity in policy and programs of theState and to address the MDGs , especially the target 1 and target9, in an integrated manner.

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