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Architecture & urban designing
Architecture & urban designing is a conscious process and involves understanding of various forces acting on the area, e.g. man made activities, natural processes, socio-economical, cultural issues and ultimately final product would be aesthetically pleasing and environmentally meaningful.

Planning division provides comprehensive services in all the desciplines. Few of such completed projects are Redevelopment of Bittan Market, State institute of Health Management & Communication (SIHMC) Gwalior, number of tourist resorts and way side amenitites for M.P. Tourism. National Level Archaeology Museum at Bhopal, Bhopal Haat & Tribal Heritage Museum at Shyamala Hills under construction.
Special Landscape projects   Architectural Conservation
Open areas are life breath of city. They need to be attended carefully & Sensetively.It has the capacity to absorb climatic change.

EPCO has been a major contributor to design and develop large parks, plazas and campuses in the state, e.g. Mayur Park, Ekant Park, Tarang Shahpura.Padmanabha Park,Rewa.
  Heritage conservatiion is an important constant in the variables of city fabric. It links us to our past. It need to be conserved sensitively so that it can contribute to city's culture. The division prepares conservation studies and proposal. Its notable works are conservation plan for chanderi and Ujjain. Restoration of Gohar Mahal, Bada Bagh, Chhatries of Bhopal.The work also include documentation of heritage monuments like IslamNagar, Ram Nagar, Mandala, Gates of Bhopal.

National Level Archaeology Museum Museum of Tribal Heritage, Bhopal

State archeology archives and museum department has established a National Level Archeology Museum to project the glorious past of the state. EPCO services were engaged to provide architectural designs.

In accordance with the terrain Museum building has been planned at different levels but connected in such a way that continuity as well as interest of flow is maintained.Emphasis has been given to the convenience of the physically challenged visitors also.An intermediate ramp across the building acts,as the main spine while horizontal lines of remnants of a fort wall would maintain the skyline.A theme pavilion,14 galleries,large spaces for reserve collection,office areas,and an auditorium,a library and seminar rooms are the major constituents.Security of the building has been ensured through planing as well as adopting state-of-the-art measures.


In order to preserve the rich tribal ethos of the state and to project the magnificence of the tribal heritage among the masses, the Govt. of M.P. has decided to set up a Tribal Museum in the state Capital, Bhopal.

Thrust of the design is on creating an environment similar to the tribal settings and also on enabling the visitors in understanding the intricacies of the tribal life Apparels, ornaments, music instruments, art forms, festivities and fairs etc. shall be displayed such that the information about each zone can be specifically imprinted on the visitors mind. Specia care has been taken for the movement of the physically challenged visitors.An ambience of Tribal settlement with greenery and water bodies around shall be created to display the principle of living in co-existence with nature.

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