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Environmental Research Laboratory (ERL) at a Glance: Environmental Research Laboratory (ERL) was established in the year 1997 for the water quality Monitoring sub-project under Bhoj Wetland Project. The laboratory was notified as State Laboratory, declared vide Gazzete Notification No: F-5- 1-2000-XXXII Date: 19th May 2000 under Section 52 of Water (Prevention and Control of Pollution Act, 1974) and Section 28 of Air, (Prevention and Control of Pollution Act, 1981). The ERL is involved in following activities.

Facilities Available:ERL is equipped with the basic facilities required for analysis of physico-chemical and biological parameters of water.

Functional Activities:Water Quality Analysis of Important water bodies of Madhya Pradesh:
Monitoring of ecosystems is an integral part of environmental management. The abiotic and biotic factors that determine the health of the environment are dynamic and their periodic monitoring is necessary for assessment of the condition of the environment. The Environmental Research Laboratory is involved in water quality analysis of important water bodies of Madhya Pradesh under Lake Atlas Project. ERL also conducted a detail analysis of water quality of various places of River Narmada in the year 2015.

Training: The ERL has been running the following training programs:

Lab Visit and Orientation Program: This is a one day lab visit and orientation program, intended to give the students a brief exposure about the general functioning of the laboratory and instruments used in the environmental analysis. This one day program includes the demonstration of different water quality parameters, some important instruments. The training fee for the program is Rs. 200/- per student for demonstration of analysis and instruments, followed by class room session.

Short term Job Oriented Training: This is a short term training program intended to give an exposure about some general aspects of water quality monitoring and other environmental analysis. The training duration is of 5 days and gives an exposure of basic analytical techniques and a brief overview of the instruments being used in the environmental analysis. The training fees for the program is Rs. 1,000/- per student which includes field visit, lecture by experts in the field of environmental analysis, demonstration of analytical techniques and instrumentation.

Advanced Job Oriented Training Module: This training module has been designed to give a detailed exposure in various aspects of environmental sciences, exposure in various aspects of environmental sciences like visit to the field, lectures and demonstration of analytical techniques, hands down training on sophisticated instrumentation. The duration of the training program is of 10 days and the fees is Rs. 2,100/-.

Hands on Training Program of Laboratory Techniques and Advanced Instrumentation: This training program is specifically intended to give exposure in the field of advanced instrumentation and laboratory techniques. The training includes detailed theory classes, demonstration and hands on training on instruments like UV-vis spectrophotometer, image analysis system and other instruments used in the environmental analysis water. The duration of the training course is 10 days and the fees is Rs 2,100/-.

One month short term project work: The one month short term project work has been designed to give the students of UG and PG classes a feel of research work. This project work lets the students chose a problem from the environmental field and carries out a mini research project on the same. The duration of the training program is of one month and the fees for the same in Rs. 2,000/-.

Dissertation: The dissertation is an essential part of the PG curriculum in almost all universities. The ERL is facilitating students to carry out the dissertation work. The dissertation includes identification of problems related to environment field, and carry out an extensive dissertation work on the chosen topic. ERL provides infrastructural facility for the collection of samples, their analysis and the guidance for the research work and report preparation during the dissertation. The duration for the dissertation varies from 2 months to 6 months with a fee of Rs. 2000/- per month.

Consultancy Analysis of payment basis: ERL provides analytical facilitates to different government clients for analysis of different parameters in water. The charges for the analysis of different parameters are as under:
S.No. Parameters Analysis Rates per sample (Rs)
1. pH 100.00
2. Colour 100.00
3. Turbidity 100.00
4. Temperature 100.00
5. Conductivity 100.00
6. Total Solids 120.00
7. Suspended Solids 120.00
8. Volatile Solids 150.00
9. Total Dissolved Solids 120.00
10. Total Alkalinity 120.00
11. Total Hardness 120.00
12. Calcium Hardness 120.00
13. Sulphide 230.00
14. Ammonia 230.00
15. Residual Chlorine 120.00
16. BOD5 680.00
17. COD 380.00
18. Dissolved Oxygen 150.00
19. Free CO2 120.00
20. Inorganic Phosphate 240.00
21. Total Phosphorus 380.00
22. Oil and Grease Qualitative 230.00
23. Chloride 120.00
24. Potassium 230.00
25. Sodium 230.00
26. Sulphate 230.00
27. Sulphite 230.00
28. Fluoride 230.00
29. Nitrate 230.00
30. Nitrite 230.00
31. Silicate 230.00
32. Calcium 120.00
33. Magnesium 230.00
34. Ammonical Nitrogen 230.00
35. Ozone 380.00
36. Total Organic Carbon 450.00
37. Cyanide 380.00
38. Aluminium 380.00
39. Fe2+ 380.00
40. Fe3+ 380.00
41. Iron (Total) 380.00
42. Molybdenum 380.00
43. Cr 6+ 380.00
44. Barium 750.00
45. Manganese 380.00
46. Copper 380.00
47. Nickel 380.00
48. Zinc 380.00
49 Orthophosphate 240.00
50 Total Phosphorus 380.00
Soil/ Sediment Analysis
S. No Parameters Analysis Rates per sample (Rs)
1. Bicarbonate 230.00
2. Calcium 150.00
3. Chloride 230.00
4. Electrical Conductivity 100.00
5. Magnesium 300.00
6. Nitrate 300.00
7. Organic Carbon 380.00
8. pH 100.00
9. Available Phosphorus 450.00
10. Total Phosphorus 450.00
11. Sodium 300.00
12. Potassium 300.00
13. Moisture Content 120.00
14. Sulphate 230.00
Bio-monitoring of Aquatic Ecosystem
S. No Parameters Analysis Rates per sample (Rs)
1. Phytoplankton (Quantitative) (Per sample) 680.00
2. Zooplankton (Quantitative) (Per sample) 680.00
3. Protozoans (Per sample) 680.00
4. Macro-Floral Assessment (Per sample) 680.00
5. Chlorophyll (Per sample) 680.00
6. Primary Productivity (Per sample) 680.00
7. Secondary Productivity ) (Per sample) 680.00
8. Macro-Faunal Assessment ) (Per sample) 680.00
9. Benthos 680.00
Microbiological Analysis
S. No Parameters Analysis Rates per sample (Rs)
1. MPN (Total Coliform) 450.00
2. Fecal Coliform 450.00
3. Fecal Streptococcus 450.00
4. Total Plate Count 380.00
Sample Collection Charges which are inclusive of manpower and transportation per visit will be
as follows:
1. Up to distance of 50Km: Rs.5,000.00
2. From 50 to 100 Km: Rs.7,500.00
3. From 100 to 200 Km:Rs.10,000.00
4. From 200 Km to 500 Km:Rs.15,000.00
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