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Fellowship & Awards

Environment Department (Government of Madhya Pradesh)
1 Title These rules shall be called the Indira Gandhi Fellowship for Environmental Conservation and Management (Amendment) Rules, 2004. They shall come into force with effect from August 8, 2004.
2 Definitions For the purpose of these Rules:-
  • EPCO means the Environmental Planning and Coordination Organisation, Bhopal.
  • Fellowship means the Indira Gandhi Fellowship for Environmental Conservation and Management.

    A reference of the year shall have the same meaning as in clause below.
  • Fellow means a person selected for the grant of the Indira Gandhi Fellowship for Environmental Conservation and Management.
  • For convenience, a fellow may be referred to by the year of grant of the fellowship. For example, Fellow – 1985-86 shall designate a person who was granted a fellowship in 1985-86.
  • Jury means the jury appointed under Rule 10.
  • Resident of MP means a resident of the State of Madhya Pradesh certified to be so by the Collector of the District concerned.
  • Sanction Committee means the committee appointed under Rule 11.
  • State Government means the Government of Madhya Pradesh.
3.      The State Government may in each financial year, commencing 1985-86, award one fellowship for research studies in the field of environmental conservation and management. The Fellowship shall be called the Indira Gandhi Fellowship for Environmental Conservation and Management and shall be granted according to the procedures laid down in these rules.
4.   The Fellowship shall be for a period of two years from the date specified in the grant of such fellowship and shall carry the following financial assistance.
  • A monthly stipend of Rs. 25,000/- payable in the first week of each month following the sanction of fellowship.
  • A maximum of total Rs. 1,00,000/- for actual expenses on secretarial assistance, travel, purchase of books, stationary and other such items.
5. Eligibility
  • The Fellowship shall be available only to residents of MP who are below 40 years of age as on 31st March of the year for which the Fellowship is to be granted.
  • The Fellowship shall be open to scholars who have completed their post-graduation from any recognized institution in the country in the fields related to environmental conservation and management.
  • There shall be no restriction as to occupation, current place of residence, current field of activities or political/philosophical learning.
  • The Scholar should have regular affiliation with reputed Technical/Research/Academic institution to ensure proper access to infrastructure and research facilities to carryout the research work.
6. Subject of Research The subject of research shall fall within the overall ambit of environmental conservation and management in the context of India.
A decision whether the subject proposed by an applicant falls within this ambit or not shall vest with the Jury appointed under Rule 10.
7. Application
  • Applications can be made at any time in the year, and addressed to the Executive Director, EPCO, Paryavaran Parisar, Bhopal-462016.
  • The applications shall be accompanied by the following:
  • Bio-data about education, occupation past and present and other activities.
  • Experience in the field of proposed research.
  • Details of original work, if any.
  • Synopsis in one thousand words of the research undertaken along with a resume of work already done in the country in the concerned subject.
  • Certificates regarding academic abilities from two academicians of the repute in the country.
  • Applications can be made directly, but preferably through the head of the institution in which the applicant is serving or is engaged in research works. Government and semi-government employees shall be required to make their applications through their Head of the Department.
  • Employees of EPCO, Department of Environment of the State Government or Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India, shall not be eligible for the fellowship. Previous Fellows shall not be entitled to the fellowship again.
  • All applications received after one month from the date of advertisement shall not be considered for the fellowship in that financial year.
8. Lapsed Applications On grant of the fellowship each year, all other applications pending shall be deemed to have lapsed. However, EPCO shall inform each applicant in this regard, and shall request him/her either to make a fresh application or review his/her application for the next year in case he wishes to pursue the subject.
9. Scrutiny & Selection After a preliminary scrutiny by EPCO with regard to age, residence, etc., the eligible applications shall be placed before a Jury appointed under Rule 10. A list of those applications, which are rejected in preliminary scrutiny, shall also be placed before the Jury along with reasons for rejections, which in turn may consider any of the rejected applications also.
10. The Jury 
  • The State Government shall, in each financial year, appoint a Jury of 5 members consisting of eminent personalities, among others, in the field of Environment, Ecology, Conservation, Forestry and Wild Life, to above it regarding the grant of Fellowship. State Government shall nominate one of the members as the Convener. The Jury shall hold meetings at the request of the State Government at such time and place as it may deem fit.
  • A nominee of the State Government shall be present at the Jury meetings in order to assist it. The decision of the Jury shall be by consensus of the 5 members, to be recorded by the Chairman.
  • All travelling, hospitality and incidental expenses of the jury members shall be borne by the State Government through EPCO. Jury members shall also be entitled to an honorarium of Rs. 2000/- per day for each meeting.
11. Sanction Committee There shall be a standing Sanction Committee of the State Government, consisting of the following:-
  • Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh – Chairman
  • Minister/Minister of State for – Member Environment, M.P.
  • Minister/Minister of State – Member Incharge of Science & Technology, M.P.
  • Any other Minister or Person – Member Nominated by the Chief Minister
12. Conditions of Fellowship
  • Upon grant of the Fellowship, a fellow may carry out research individually, but preferably through recognized academic institutions any where in India. He shall submit a detailed work plan, and shall after commencement of work, submit quarterly reports to EPCO regarding the progress of work plan. Final report shall be submitted to EPCO within 6 months of completion of the study. The Fellow shall present the findings of the study before a panel of experts appointed by EPCO.
  • The results of research, interim and final reports shall be the copyright of EPCO and shall not be used by the Fellow without it's prior permission.
  • All books, periodicals, documents, journals, photographic material etc. procured for the research shall be listed by the Fellow and delivered to EPCO at the end of the Fellowship period, which shall be the property of EPCO.
  • The fellow shall be required to submit such accounts as EPCO may prescribe. Provided that no accounts shall be sought for the monthly stipend of Rs. 25,000/-.
  • Financial assistance for books, journals etc. as mentioned in Rule 4, clause (ii) can be drawn according to actuals or in a lumpsum not exceeding Rs. 30,000/- per quarter. Provided that when it is drawn in a lumpsum, details of accounts would have to be submitted to EPCO before further release of the funds.
  • EPCO shall make all payments through crossed cheque.
13. Accounts & Reports
  • EPCO shall be responsible for maintenance of accounts regarding the Fellowship and for submitting them duly audited according to its Regulations, to the State Government.
  • EPCO shall also prepare an Annual Report regarding operation of the fellowship and submit it to State Government.
  • On completion of a Fellowship, EPCO shall, after approval all the State Government, take steps to publish the report.
14. Saving In case of any discrepancy in the rules or any difficulty experiencing in the operation of the Fellowship, a decision by the State Government shall be considered final and binding on all concerned.

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